Responsible Internationalization – New Paradigms For Cooperation Between Higher Education Institutions

Luciane Stallivieri, Cleverson Tabajara Vianna


This paper provides a conceptual overview of the internationalization of higher education and presents some anchor points for developing Responsible Internationalization. It begins by establishing some comments about globalization and the way countries responded to it, highlighting the phenomenon of internationalization. The paper continues discussing the concept of Comprehensive Internationalization and evidences the fact that there is an urge to review the paths where internationalization is going. It calls for the necessity to develop high-quality internationalization, including new dimensions. The centerpiece of the paper is the proposal of new paradigms, consisting of five basic principles that must be observed to pursue the Responsible Internationalization. The paper concludes that following the proposed principles it is possible to develop a long-term high-quality internationalization process grounded on Balance, Accountability, Sustainability, Inclusion, and Compliance (BASIC).


Responsible Internationalization; Higher education institutions; Management of international cooperation; New dimensions to higher education internationalization


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